Zebra Finance Limited is no longer accepting credit applications from new or existing customers. Zebra Finance Limited continues to operate to service existing customers.

Important Information if you have an open agreement with Zebra Finance Limited

Your credit agreement with Zebra Finance Limited is still live and you will need to continue paying by Direct Debit

Zebra Finance Limited will continue to collect your payments as normal. This will be by Direct Debit and will shows as RRSZebra on your bank statement.

Important information if you are currently applying for a loan with Zebra Finance Limited

If you have applied for credit and your application has not yet been accepted or you have not signed your credit agreement your application will now be cancelled and you will be notified of this in writing.

You will need to contact your services supplier (club/clinic) to arrange an alternative method of payment.

If you have received your activation/Direct Debit Instruction letter your loan will be live, payment will be made to your services supplier (club/clinic) and payments will be taken as detailed in your credit agreement, they will show as RRSZebra on your bank statement.

Auto Renewal customers

If you are an auto renewal customer, your credit agreement will not be renewed and we will be writing out to you shortly.

You will need to contact your club to arrange alternative payment methods for your season ticket/golf membership.

Questions regarding Season Tickets or Golf Memberships

Any questions regarding your season ticket itself or your golf membership should be directed to your club in the first instance.

Select your club to get your season ticket

Season Ticket Finance and Zebra Finance are trading names of Zebra Finance Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, Company No 6960530, at Century House, 29 Clarendon Road, Leeds, LS2 9PG